Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Glamourous Living

Wondering what the fuss was all about over at Liv-Glam I dutifully popped over and wasn't disappointed. Here are just two of there specials, there are many. Strolling in Paris with a fab abstract looking Tote left from their very own valentines gifts dotted around the store, and right a chic Clutch freebie from Co57. Look out for Liv-Glams unpacking bags they are thoroughly useable fab handbags.

Outfit. Liv-Glam  K Collection piper mini dress with cardigan  L$55
Bag. Liv Glam. Bottega Tote. Valentines hunt 11. L$15
Shoes. Baby Monkey. Ultimate Shona Polka. GG

Outfit. Liv-Glam Mon Ange outfit. sp1. L$55
Bag. Co57 Hermes leather clutch GG
Shoes. Baby Monkey. Ultimate Shona Polka. GG

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