Thursday, 21 March 2013

In the Pink

I'll admit it, i just love all things pink from deep magentas to soft dusky pinks. Here are three looks mainly with items from the Pink Fusion hunt which is going on right now, with a few other dollabies and gifts to match, together with a free skin from Tuty's, go grab 'em!

Lower Left.
Dress. Leri Miles. Pink fusion hunt dress item. L$5
Shoes. Cheeky. Pink Fusion hunt item. L$5
Skin. Tuty's. Nadia skin with 12 makeups. Free gift.

Lower Right.
Jacket.  Sassy. London jacket knit GG.
Pants.  Tara.   Mesh shiny jeans pink. Free gift.
Boots. BM. Ultimate roxy candy. GG

Top.  Xplosion.  Pink Fusion hunt item. L$5
Shorts. Useful things. Pink Fusion hunt. L$5
Boots.   Bya boots pink. L$1

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